Eastern Style Massages

Our Eastern Style Massages are fully clothed, dry, oil less massages. These will be pressure point based massages following your body energy lines. We provide comfortable clothes for the Thai and Shiatsu massages and upon request for the Head-Neck-Shoulder and Foot massages. Our Head-Neck-Shoulder and Foot massages are performed in a relaxing chair, while the Thai and Japanese massages are performed on a semi-hard floor mattress.

Head / Neck / Shoulder:

A massage that targets the upper body stress points. This massage can by done in a chair where the therapist can focus on the shoulder areas. Some guests are more comfortable lying down, and this also allows the therapist to work on muscles along the back.

Reflexology (foot massage):

First our masseurs treats your feet to a hot herbal water soak. We use special Chinese herbs designed to help release muscle tension. During your foot soak, our therapists start massaging your hands and arms. Then pressure is applied using knuckles, thumbs and a medicine stick at various points on your feet.

Traditional Thai Massage:

Our therapists use traditional techniques to relieve tension in your body. These techniques range from thumb and foot pressure to body stretching and contortion.

Thai Herbal Compress:

A heated pouched filled with healing herbs is pressed on your body. The herbs are renown to help remedy body fatigue and helps with detoxification. This can be done as a single treatment or in combination with the Thai massage.

Japanese Shiatsu:

A technique developed in Japan, “Shiatsu” literally means finger pressure. The therapist will use a variety of techniques with their feet, thumbs, palms, knees and feet. Slow, but deep pressure is applied along the energy lines on your body.

Western Style Massages

Our Western Style Massages are cloth less, oil based massages. We provide an optional disposable undergarment for your comfort. These treatments are performed on massage tables, in a private room. A sheet will be used to cover your body and we will expose only the body part we are massaging. These will be Swedish based kneading, sliding and stroking techniques. After your massage, a shower will be provided to remove the excess oils.


A soothing massage that stimulates the body. With long strokes the therapist gently kneads away the stress in your muscles. Aromatic oils are used to enhance the mood for relaxation.

Deep Tissue:

This massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The therapist uses elbows, knuckles and thumbs to achieve deep penetration working out all the tension and knots in your muscles. In addition, a special “cross fiber” technique is used to help break up scar tissue. This is especially good for athletes and people with an active, strenuous lifestyle.

Body Scrub:

A natural, exfoliating cream made of fruit extracts is rubbed on your body, lifting out dead skin cells and replenishing your skin with proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Zen Feet Renewal:

An exfoliating and nourishing treatment for your feet and legs that will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. We have a sea salt scrub, great for those hard feet calluses.

Zen Body Renewal:

After an invigorating session of body scrubbing, our therapists will wrap your body with special clay made of honey, chamomile, hibiscus and aloe vera extracts. Your skin will feel softer and look younger.